Friday, January 20, 2006

speaking of getting there

I am fascinated by what brings people to my blog. Just now, I had someone come here after doing a Yahoo search for "people losing their pants". I was the first link on the results page! (There was a post a while back when I was live blogging the MTV Video Awards and everyone seemed to be somewhat naked.)

Anyway, I apologize for being out of the loop for the past couple of days. I have been on the road and busy as sh*t and not able to read a newspaper, read a blog — or have a coherent reaction to the world around me. Sad, but true.

I have a couple of hours to kill in the airport before I get to go home and there is free wireless, so I might be able to redeem myself slightly. However, I'm a little tired, so it may not work. In the space of the past half hour I have cried and I have laughed out loud.

Exhaustion does a number on me.

Keep coming to the blog, whatever it is that brings you here. I welcome the company.

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