Sunday, January 01, 2006

dinner conversation

Thank you to The Washington Post for providing me with dinner conversation for my next family get-together.

When Grandma asks why I don't have any kids, I'll be able to let her know that "parents are more likely to show signs of depression than adults of the same age who don't have children." At least that what a couple of sociologists from Florida State and Vanderbilt say.

Gram, I'm just trying to stay sane. Happy happy, joy joy.

By the way, the Post has one of the worst search functions EVER on their site. Type in search criteria that seems rather obvious (in the case of the article above, I chose "depression") and the engine comes up with NOTHING. I could understand if it came up with a shiteload of hits and I needed to weed through them, but that's just pathetic. This happens all the time, so it's not an anomaly.

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