Tuesday, November 29, 2005

sexual magnetism

MSNBC has a poll on their site asking, "Are creative people sexier?"

Hell yeah.

Psychologists in England did a study of professional artists, poets and, um, schizophrenics and it turns out their getting more play than the rest of us.

(They also looked at the relationship between creativity and mental illness -- which is why the schizophrenics were thrown in the mix. Yes, artists are a little nuttier than the rest of us as well.)

Best line from the accompanying article?

"Their creativity seems to act like a sexual magnet."

And the more prolific you are as an artist, the more ass you get, so don't put down the paint brush just yet. (This apparently goes for both men and women.)

FYI, the last time I checked, 68 percent of voters would rather get naked with someone they consider to be creative.

MSNBC has another article about research that has determined that the fact that you don't want to screw your wife/husband anymore might actually have a chemical justification. Italian (of course) scientists have found higher levels of the molecule NGF (nerve growth factor) in people who had recently fallen in love than those who were in long term relationships. If you are interested in learning more, pick up a copy of Psychoneuroendocrinology (?) at your local newstand.

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