Sunday, November 06, 2005

my obsession continues

Thanks to Jolie in NYC for sending me in the direction of this great article on Salon about Kristin from Laguna Beach.

I was, yes, a Team LC member during year one, but Lauren's willingness to make herself SO available to Stephen was embarrassing and this latest fling with Jason indicates she may actually be as stupid as Jessica (okay, maybe not that stupid, but kinda dumb nevertheless).

Kristin? As the article says, she makes those great faces and seems to be light years ahead of her friends when it comes to understanding the opposite sex. Plus -- and this is what truly warms the cockles of my heart when it comes to this little harlot -- she loves her friends. She tells them she loves them, she comes to their rescue when they need her and she does not hold back in letting them know what she thinks -- with their best interests in mind.

Girl love. Fabulous.

And then there's this photo from Rolling Stone. Lordy lordy. Put some clothes on that little girl.

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