Saturday, November 26, 2005

doctors without borders stud

I have to admit that I have been thinking about Jen over the past couple of days. Those stories about Brad and Angelina heading to Pakistan, meeting with Musharraf, crouching to talk with some of the millions left homeless by the recent earthquake, Angelina's face tastefully and gracefully framed by a veil? Yeah, if I were Ms. Aniston, I'd be shoving nails in my eyes.

Who needs that sh*t?

So, thank you to Salon for their piece today, exploring why it is that we care so much about Jen. She may not be on a mission to save the world, one brown child at a time, but she still looks hot in a tank top and that sun kissed halo? To die for. Vince is a lucky man.

In the end, says Rebecca Traister, Brad will get his due when he's dumped by Angelina in exchange "for some Doctors without Borders stud she picks up at a UN-sponsored pancake breakfast".

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