Monday, October 24, 2005

a cup of cocoa

I don't really understand the point of reporters standing in the middle of a storm, getting poured on and blown all over the place. We get it. It's rainy, it's windy and people should head indoors. And, yes, you are very dedicated journalists for being willing to get your hair so mussed.

(Except Anderson. The haircut is so good he remains perfectly coiffed and doesn't have to wear the goofy cap.)

The Washington Post reports on its front page this morning that the U.S. military has decided to drop its policy not to publicize the number of enemies killed in Iraq because they are "eager to demonstrate success". I guess that's the point of war, but it comes across as a bragging about a high score on a video game or, at the very least, a lame effort to make it appear that the number of young American soldiers killed really isn't all that bad.

They're still at it on CNN.
Miles, Anderson, Rob? Yeah, go inside and have a cup of cocoa.


Nina said...

I think I read that the army uses a video game to get new recruits. Anyway, they're using language that totally dehumanizes the people they're killing: "insurgents" and "targets."

I like your blog! -- planning to show a link from mine.

abf said...

Thanks, Nina. You're right, piles of dead young Iraquis with wives, mothers and children would not do much to achieve Karen Hughes' goal of making the Arab world love us, huh?