Sunday, October 16, 2005

creepy dolls done good

I took a trip to Chicago a few years back and remember being a bit disturbed by the somewhat obsessive behavior of some of the families and little girls who were in town to go to the American Girl shop. It all seemed a little cultlike to me.

But now I'm a fan, if only because the company isn't backing down from criticism they are getting for their philanthropic support of Girls, Inc., formerly Girls Clubs of America. The criticism stems from Girls, Inc.'s advocacy on issues of relevance to women and girls. The group is pro-choice, pro-comprehensive sex education, pro Title IX funding, pro contraception -- and they have programs supporting girls who are dealing with questions about their sexual orientation.

So, grab your daughter (or son) and head to their web site and lay down some cash for a new plastic friend. Don't let the f*ckers get 'em down.

Much better than getting that other doll I told you about.

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The Doll said...

Creepy Doll is RIGHT!!!

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