Wednesday, October 05, 2005

cheap panties

Folks in Virginia have been whipped into a frothy mess over a Victoria's Secret window display. I am particularly fond of the irate woman who attempts to demonstrate, despite her reaction to the mannequins in their panties, that she's not an uptight prude because she's "from Europe".

(I'd put $100 down on the likelihood that she's British. I love 'em, but they're inclined to only pull out their EU membership cards when convenient.)

Really, you'd think that the window display had scenes of bestiality or anal play with the way these folks are carrying on.

"Little Shop of Whores," "huffed" one woman.

"Slut wear," said one father.

"I just find it to be totally disgusting," said the aforementioned European.

"I've shopped here for 10 years and I won't come back until they change the window," said a man with an apparent fetish for undies made in factories in the third world.

"This is shocking. This is pornographic. This is insulting," said a mall walker. (You know, those old people who spend their days trucking through the mall without buying anything, whose opinion means close to nothing to the people who are trying to market their merchandise.)

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