Sunday, October 30, 2005

15 minutes

I didn't really come through on my promise to Tim to step it up on the posts, did I? It seems that much more ridiculous considering the headline news of the past few days.

I am catching up on my reading -- papers dating back to Friday, the day after the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers was withdrawn.

There's an article from Friday's Washington Post about Greg's shooting and the apparent slack behavior of the 911 operator who responded to the first call.

"Gregory C. Shipe was shot in the head last month not far from his Northwest Washington home. Bloodied and unconscious, he was dying, if not already dead, when the first caller phoned 911. But for 14 minutes after that call, the District's 911 center treated the case more like an accidental fall than a homicide, a city investigator has found."

This is not the news I have been craving.

"Only after emergency medical workers found Shipe dead and reported the obvious evidence of a shooting did the police operator raise the status of the call to Priority 1, triggering an immediate police response. By then the shooter or shooters had been on the run for at least 15 minutes."

You deserve more, Greg. I miss you every day.

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