Friday, September 09, 2005

still kickin'

Neil Young was also sick this year, wasn't he? But now his blessed voice is on my TV. G-d bless.

Now on to something completely inane . . . there's an article about Laguna Beach on the MSNBC site, the gist of which is that the dialogue on the show can be so bad that it's actually pretty funny. But's not that it's so bad it's funny. It's more that it's so bad it's real. Have you listened to teenagers lately? They can dredge up the most boring sh*t and turn it into an hour long conversation. And their observations about life? Yeah, um, not that insightful. They are basically little bundles of sexual and social anxiety, more self-conscious than any other human being could sustain for more than a few minutes without passing out from exhaustion.

That's why I love the damn show. That sh*t can't ve scripted. It's too good.

Chris Rock just made fun of Kanye West.

"George Bush hates midgets."

Or did he just make fun of George Bush? Or midgets?

Oh, Dave Grohl . . . swoon.

I'm going to be bawling all night with footage from the Gulf.

Jennifer Aniston. We love you. I'd never leave you.

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