Sunday, July 24, 2005

we love you, lance

I'm spanking myself right now (not literally, although that would be a sight to see), for making the decision to go to the mall instead of staying home to watch Lance make the final ride into Paris. I'm still trying to find the footage. Apparently the kids were wearing yellow, as was Sheryl and there were tears all around.

There have been tears on my end lately as well, every time I watch that damn Nike ad with Lance at his October 1996 press conference. Apparently there are others who think it's tasteless and manipulative, but, screw 'em. I'm all for manipulation. Plus, Lance is a superhero. We need superheroes.

I'm just hoping that Jan Ullrich doesn't come out with a book in a few years (a la Jose Canseco/Mark McGwire) with tales of shooting Lance with performance enhancement drugs in the bathroom stall of some little French bistro in the mountains.

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