Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day Two (or Three?)

I'm in West Memphis at a Holiday Inn, watching a VH-1 special about Green Day.

Anyway, after spending a couple of days at Chad's place in Maryville, Tennessee, I hit the road this morning to start the trek to Little Rock. Yeah, I'm going to the Clinton Library in true nostalgic political geek fashion.

The visit with Chad and his family was excellent, filled with good food, good booze, good other stuff and at least one guy with whom I thought it would be very nice to have dirty sex.

Today's thoughts/questions from the road --

What happened to the cars and trucks? There are an enormous number of blown tires on the highway. Significant chunks of rubber that cars and trucks relied on to carry them to their destination.

The Starbucks of the South: There are almost as many Cracker Barrel restaurants on southern highways as there are Starbucks in Manhattan.

Things I would have bought at antique shops today if I had more money, a bigger car and a larger apartment: Chicago phone booth, barber chair (another one) and a reclining dentist chair complete with spit sink, overhead lamp AND drill.

The mystery of the Ipod: I thought I had the whole IPod played through tape cassette in my car stereo thing down. Turn the volume down on the car stereo and up on the Ipod and the buzz goes away. But it eventually goes haywire as the day wears on. Any ideas?

Something worth knowing: cheap hotels on the side of the highway have free wireless Internet access. Almost all of them.

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