Saturday, July 23, 2005

cogitation creation

Best clue in today's Washington Post crossword: "cogitation creation" = idea.

Democratic Chair Howard Dean addressed the College Dems convention yesterday and let them know that we need to reach out to voters who oppose abortion rights and promote candidates who share that view.

I have a "cogitation creation". Why don't Democratic leaders hold off on talking about the party's need to reach out to abortion opponents while those of us who believe in the right to choose are freaking out about the very real possibility that soon to be Justice John Roberts is going to make choice a thing of the past?

Yeah, yeah, it's good political strategy to talk to abortion foes about how no one is "pro" abortion and we all want to work together to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but it might be bad political strategy to leave those of us who are already on your side feeling like you abandoned us right when we needed you most.

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