Friday, June 17, 2005

say you're sorry

E.J. Dionne has a great piece in Friday's Washington Post, calling on Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) to get on his knees and beg for mercy like the b*tch he is.

Frist is saying, now that the results of the Terry Schiavo autopsy have been released, it is time to "move on". Not so fast, says Dionne, reminding us of how the Senator — a physician — sanctimoniously diagnosed Schiavo based on videotaped footage and suggested that, despite what her doctors said, Schiavo was not in a permanent vegetative state.

"We can not move on until those politicians who felt entitled to make up facts and toss around unwarranted conclusions about Schiavo's condition take responsibility for what they said — and apologize."

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Jeb Bush has called for an investigation into what caused Terry Schiavo to pass out fifteen years ago, leading to her brain damage and eventual death. Bush cites a gap of time between Schiavo passing out and her husband calling in the emergency. I guess Jeb didn't like the results of the autopsy and is looking for a way to save face.

Please please please remember
this nonsense if either one of these f*cks runs for president in 2008.

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