Thursday, June 16, 2005

just not okay

I just read that Live 8 organizers are considering adding Michael Jackson to the line up for the July concerts and it rubbed me the wrong way.

No f*cking way. I know he was acquitted and I know that it's possible that he's not the f*cking pig that I think he is, but I can't stomach the thought of his f*cking nut case fans screaming their heads off in his support and having to watch. I can't stand the thought of him feeling like a redeemed martyr, rising from the ashes of a hell, with Tom Sneddon in the role of the lord of darkness.

The jurors in the case say that they based some of their decision on the fact that they just didn't trust the mother. But is she the one who they needed to trust? What about this scenario? Michael molested the kid. The kid tells the mom and the mom decides to turn it in a financial opportunity for herself and the family as a whole. She makes up this nonsense story about being kept hostage at Neverland, staying there and allowing her son to continue to be victimized — both by Michael and by her own greed.

"Juror #1" said that while there was reasonable doubt in the case at hand, he believes sincerely that Michael Jackson has molested other little boys. I was out the other night and a woman who I was with said that she would have been sad if Michael Jackson had been sent to jail, even if he had done something. And another friend seemed to think it was okay if all that had happened was that Michael had jerked a kid or two off — as long as there was no penetration.

NO NO NO. This is just not okay.

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