Friday, May 06, 2005

turkey basting

The Food and Drug Administration has decided that, as of May 25, men who have had sex with men in the past five years can't donate sperm. The FDA's goal is to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and, as their reasoning goes, gay men have a higher incidence of HIV infection.

It's not the fact that men have sex with men that puts them at risk. It's unsafe behavior -- forgoing condoms, multiple sex partners who are in high-risk groups, IV drug use -- that puts some gay men at risk. Just as it puts some straight men at risk.

The screen for donors shouldn't be sexuality. It should be BEHAVIOR if the goal is sincerely about keeping the donated sperm free of HIV.

More policy based on bigotry and not on science. Read more about it.


dax said...

"More policy based on bigotry"???????????
Blog post based on total lunacy.

Anonymous said...

If by bigotry you mean logic, then yes.