Wednesday, March 30, 2005

why they kick our butts

You need to read Bill Bradley's op-ed in today's New York Times. The former Senator, White House hopeful and New York Knick explains why it is that, five months after the fact, Democrats "are still pointing their fingers at one another and trying to figure out why Republicans won."

According to Bradley, "A party based on charisma has no long term impact. Think of our last charismatic leader, Bill Clinton," he writes. He was president for eight years. He was the first Democrat to be re-elected since Franklin Roosevelt. He was smart, skilled and possessed great energy. But what happened? At the end of his tenure in the most powerful office in the world, there were fewer Democratic governors, fewer Democratic senators, members of Congress and state legislators and a national party that was deep in debt. The president did well. The party did not. Charisma didn't translate intro structure."

Read about the structure that's holding Bush high in the sky, his feet firmly planted on solid ground.

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