Sunday, March 06, 2005

I think

I'm not posting enough because a) I'm busy, b) I don't seem to be getting as easily incensed as I was there for a while and c) I'm too uptight about posting something IMPORTANT.

But that's over. Unimportant things are more fun.

Today's news is that I am addicted to candied ginger slices.

In addition, I think the Italian journalist who thinks that the U.S. military shot at her on purpose (and killed the man who freed her) has eaten way too many cannolis and can't think straight. (This is clearly a sign that I am becoming a moderate, isn't it?)

In a White House battle between Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice, I think that Rice would win. I also think that -- if Rice won -- a whole new set of people would be talking about moving to Canada and it might not be such a bad idea if they left, now would it? (Check out the links I have provided to great articles about both from The Village Voice.)

I think that in season four of Sex and the City, Carrie was a little full of herself when she went to Aidan's and just thought that he would forgive her for cheating on him with Big, but apparently he didn't and he did.

I think Clem Snide is a great band and I also think that when people go to concerts they should a) shut the hell up when the band is playing and b) stop smoking because it hurt my throat, burned my eyes and made my clothes smell.

Whine, whine, whine.

I don't know if Treasury Secretary John Snow was just being cagey, but he apparently wouldn't rule out the possibility that U2's Bono was under consideration to be the next President of The World Bank. I would be the first to tell you that I think Bono has made a tremendous contribution to economic development and to raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, but puh-leez.

UNC kicked Duke's skinny white private school ass today and the world is better because of it. (Disclosure: My ass is white and I went to private school.)

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