Wednesday, February 23, 2005

bleached testicles

The press has reported that numerous celebrities will be testifying at Michael Jackson's trial, with the list growing every day. This morning it was Eddie Murphy, Macauley Culkin and Smokey Robinson. Previous reports have indicated that Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Jay Leno, Larry King, Quincy Jones and Kobe Bryant may all sit in the witness stand at some point.

I suppose if you are Michael Jackson, many of your friends are going to be famous themselves. In addition, I don't know which of these potential witnesses are for the prosecution and which are for the defense. (Their names are currently being released because, during the juror-selection process, lawyers for both side must determine if there are any relationships between these individuals and potential jurors that could lead to a conflict of interest.) However, because I have already decided that Michael Jackson needs to be hung up by his bleached testicles, my cynical mind has decided that the celebrities are being used by the defense to woo the jurors. I keep hearing that one of the defense's likely tactics -- during the jury selection process -- is to ensure that it is laden with artists and other creative types who perhaps might be more tolerant of "alternative" lifestyles. Bullsh*t. NO ONE should be tolerant of child molestation. It is NOT an alternative lifestyle. It is the act of a SICK mind who takes advantage of their power as an adult and -- in the case of Michael Jackson -- as a celebrity and wealthy man to hurt someone in a way that may never be repaired.

Come on, innocent until proven guilty. I know, I know. But I don't trust that this is going to happen and I am repulsed by those who have jumped to his defense when they don't know the facts either.

I'll try not to trip on my way down from the soap box.

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