Friday, January 21, 2005

why do i care?


Just read "Daily Dish", the gossip column on, the San Francisco Chronicle's web site. One item said that John Mayer is dating Lizzie Grubman, the heinous-looking publicist who made news in 2001 when she backed her SUV into a crowd of people. He is too lovely for her. Even more upsetting is that Mary Louise Parker might be doing the nasty with Adam Duritz, the lead singer of the Counting Crows with the white boy dreadlocks and the Kermit the Frog voice. (Seriously, listen to the last few "yeah"'s at the end of "A Long December" and you'll see what I mean.) I love Mary Louis Parker. A fellow fag hag and hot hot hot as Amy Gardner on The West Wing -- and a brilliant Charlie Rose guest to boot.

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