Thursday, January 20, 2005

time to rethink

The reports from the counter-inauguration protests have been less than stellar.

Dan called to report on the "Government kills trees." banner being carried by the anarchists. It is true that government plays a role in the death of trees, but there's no doubt that these particular protestors could use some guidance in public relations/strategic communications. Republicans don't care about trees. They piss on trees. They once used trees to hang their lynching victims. They clear cut trees to build ugly housing developments with matching faux-colonial homes with hunter green faux shutters.

has a great post about some other protestors who were out there today. "If this is the opposition, maybe we need to rethink the whole 'Rove is a genius thing'."

But I'll be nice. There's a collection of photos from the protest on the Village Voice site that you can check out as well. Because I'm fair and I like pictures.

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