Saturday, January 15, 2005

President Pootie-Poot

It's a cheap shot to say that President Bush is stupid and, to be honest, I don't actually think that he is. But he's also definitely not an eloquent man.

Anyway, while I'm not going to say Bush is stupid, I will admit to cringing this afternoon when I read on that Bush often refers to Russian President Vladimir Putin as "Pootie-Poot". I mean, does he do this to his face? Is this really a good idea? Is this the kind of thing that improves diplomacy around the world? What does he call the guys he doesn't like? (Chirac the Fat Cock?)

I wonder if the cutesy nickname has anything to do with Putin's more recent hardline efforts to increase his control over his country's government. "I am not a pootie-poot. I am a badass muthaf*cka. Watch me." We once lived in fear that we would be annihilated by this former superpower and now we're calling their president "Pootie-Poot"?

Four more years.

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