Tuesday, August 07, 2007

anti-social network

For the first time ever, I had someone connect with me on LinkedIn who DOES NOT let those who are connected to her see who else she is connected to. I have to say, it blew my mind. I considered doing a playground stunt -- if I can't look at yours, you sure as hell can't look at mine -- but LinkedIn only provides a "yes" or "no" option for sharing.

She picked "no." She made a conscious decision not to tell people who she is connected to. Does this mean she thinks her connections are more precious than the rest of us? Does she not understand that she's the social network equivalent of the person who did not forward the chain letter?

The network stops with her.

Another example of anti-social media.

Update: I have encountered two more people who do not want to share their connections and have removed both from my connections. If you want to link to me, be forewarned. My life is a sandbox. If you want to play with me, you need to be willing to share your toys.


Anonymous said...

have you reviewed http://www.zooped.com business social network yet?

abf said...

Tell me why I should.

leif said...

Love the post, Alison. I've had a few people on my LinkedIn list for a long time who don't let you see their connections. It always strikes me as a little off when I see that number next to their name in black, link-free text.

abf said...

Thanks, Leif. And you're living proof of the reason to allow people to see your connections! Tony, someone I trust IMMENSELY, connected us today.

Drop those connection hoarders. It's liberating!